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The language of this installation package is not supported by your system. October 12, 2010

Posted by Bilal in Microsoft, Tips & Tricks.
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Yesterday I downloaded the Office 2010 trail and tried to install. Previously I have used the Beta1 also in its early days. After re-installing the Window I stick to the Office 2007 because I was facing some issues in the beta so I prefer to wait for the stable version.

The direct installation attempt was not successful because even after uninstalling the Office 2007 there were still some components (like office connector for WLM 2011) that were required to be removed. To avoid the delay in extraction each time then getting the error of still some components remaining for uninstall, I extracted the exe file (ProfessionalPlus.exe) with WinZip. After  fully remove the required components, I executed the installer from the extracted files and I got a new error:

office language error

It was really strange for me because I clearly remember selecting the language as English. I cross checked the language of my system but I could not find the gap.

After googling the issue I came to know that the cause of this error is the extraction method. Why it is so, it does not make any logic.

The result for the issue is fully explained HERE.



1. Tony Austin - February 16, 2011

So How to fix it?

2. Bilal - February 16, 2011

follow the steps mentioned in the link at the end of post i.e. [ HERE ]

3. Swarup Raha - June 8, 2011

Use 7zip to extract file .

4. Deepak SHAW - November 23, 2012

If the file are already extracted then?

5. Bilal - November 25, 2012

extracted by winzip or the described way?

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