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Human Centric Intelligent Society February 2, 2015

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After so much technical development we are now at a stage where there is a paradigm change from the product to user. The product development has gone too far/mature that now product is no more the focus. Now the spot light is on the user, the human, which will eventually lead to a human centric society, the intelligent society. Below we will try to have a look on few of these examples.

Software Development

Being a development person, I will begin with the application development. The trend in the software development was to implement the required functionality and then train the users as per the design. This application development has gone too far that now almost all the competitive applications/product have almost the same features. So to attract the users/customers they have updated their strategy and they try to make the application as user friendly as possible. A very recent example is the Start Button/Menu in Microsoft Windows. After decades of usage, Microsoft tried to make a change and in Windows 8 they ditched the start menu for the start screen. This missing option along with the redefined Metro Style got a very negative response and Windows 8 got a very low adaptation rate. They tried to overcome this in Windows 8.1 by adding a start button only. This was a slight change which let the negative impression to get decrease. Now based on the much stronger user demand and feedback, Start Menu will be available in Windows 10. The preview of Windows 10 is available for free download and critics are praising it very much. It is expected that all those users who have not adopted Windows 8/8.1 will jump directly to Windows 10.

start-menu-windows-10Start Menu in Windows 10 [PCWorld]

Modular Phones

How many times you have wanted to upgrade a portion of your phone, it could be the processor chip or simply it could be the storage chip but every time you end up in purchasing a new phone as you have no other choice. Now, this thing is in progress and will be common in near future. Many independent companies have started with this goal to provide users a custom built phone. Based on the potential of this idea, the tech gain Google is also heading for such custom built modular phone: Meet Project Ara, the Modular Google Phone of the Future.

google-project-araGoogle Project Ara [Time]


It started with smart watches and it has reached to health kits. With the passage of time these devices will be transferred from the accessory grade to the necessity grade. When we talk about wearables, there is a lot of variety available i.e. smart glass, smart clothing, smart band, smart shoes etc. Consider an example of a band attached to the wrist of a patient and transmitting the patient stats via built-in WiFi module to the Dr. in the hospital.

Wearable_DevicesWearable Devices [Atmel]

Bio Stamps

Even though wearable gadgets have been around for quite long they are still popular in common people. In the meantime, there is a completely innovative stuff in the market which totally remove the external stuff and the only product is you i.e. human. A stamp will be marked on the human which will do the job. You can simply consider Bio Stamp as a Digital Tattoo. A small radio frequency identification (RFID) chip is implanted under the skin in the hand. This approach is in very early stages but it has the maximum potential.

Digital_TattoDigital Tattoo [BBC]

Similarly, if we explore, we can a lot of scenarios where the human factor is dominating all the other aspect of the product/application. The combination of IOT (internet of things) with the human centric approach will lead the technical development spectrum in the days ahead.


Fujitsu Lifebook T904 – Your All Time Companion February 1, 2015

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A very common requirement for the current era is the flexibility of the work location. It could be a requirement or a desire or an opportunity to work from any location. To work from any place you should have a continuous access to the internet. Still in 2015, we are not having internet connectivity available every where. You may find WiFi hotspots at some place and at some other places, you may be out luck. If you are a proud owner of Fujitsu Lifebook T904 2in1, you will never find yourself out of luck. It comes with a built-in 4G modules that enables you to stay connected on the go.

Fujitsu_Lifebook_T904_2in1_in_OfficeLet me elaborate the statement that I mentioned earlier. For marketing and sales staff to be able to work from any where specially at the client premiss is a usual requirement. They can not afford to have partial information available on the move and the rest of the information back at their desks in the office. If anyone is still having this kind of habit, my friend, he/she is happily planning to run out of business/clients.

For rest of the folk, to have the flexibility to work from the place of their choice is a luxury which is still not very common, although we hope that due to its positive effect on the productivity, it will get gradually more acceptable. There are many possibilities for it, a very simple is just to do your official work in the comfort of your home. Another typical scenario could be the blocked roads due to rough weather and by working from home, the person will not be having tough time meeting the deadlines.

The third category mentioned is the opportunity to work from any where. To go for formal approach for every problem is not always beneficial. Some of times, the informal way is the best solution to resolve it i.e. inseated of writing bundles of email to resolve an issue with a colleague, you simply grab your Lifebook and accompany him/her to the lunch and settle the issue before the meal is over. In the same way, by having some informal discussion with a prospective client over a cup of tea/coffee, you can negotiate for the requirements and grab the opportunity. On the other hand, you can jump out from your robotic routine and have some fun time at any place either it is an open air spot or your favorite coffee shop.

In any of the case, Lifebook T904 will not let you down, it will be with you as a reliable partner. Its 4G module can connect you to the rest of the world even at odd circumstances. Its energy efficient processor and long lasting battery will be there to take you out from the tough scenarios.

I, personally fall in the third category. In my work environment, the chances of working remotely are not so frequent. I avail the opportunity to spend some leisure time with my Lifebook at a very nice coffee shop. It has got a variety of hot and cold Italian coffees with a nice ambiance. Although, they provide the WiFi hotspot, for dealing with personal stuff, I prefer to use the 4G data capabilities of my Lifebook as public WiFi connections are prone to hacking and spoofing. Its tablet mode is very suitable for reading while we can avail the comfort of physical keyboard for extensive writing.


The location screenshot via here maps:


So folks you enjoy reading online, I am going to have some chill time with my Fujitsu Lifebook T904 2in1:

#Fujitsu #Lifebook #T904 a perfect companion with built-in 4G module.

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Power Up Fujitsu Lifebook T904 with Docking Station January 29, 2015

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Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T904 2in1 comes with an in-box docking station [ or port replicator ] i.e. it is the part of the T904 box and not something that you have to purchase separately.

LIFEBOOK T904 has got the basic/required set of the built-in ports. These ports are distributed on the right and left sides of the device.

On the left side, it has got these ports:

  • DC-in
  • Kensington Lock support
  • USB 3.0 with Anytime USB charge functionality
  • Memory Card Slot
  • Smart Card Slot

On the right side, it has got these ports:

  • Stylus Housing
  • Pull-Out LAN Card
  • Pull-Up Power Button
  • HDMI
  • USB 3.0
  • Combo Auxiliary Port (Microphone + Speaker)

There is another very important port which is not available externally/directly. The SIM card slot is located inside the battery compartment which is accessible after removing the battery.

All this stuff is suitable for common use but what if you have some other/special requirements i.e. you want to connect your VGA LCD or you want to connect other peripherals via USB? You don’t need to worry or go for purchasing USB extension or other connects, here the docking station comes to your rescue.

As mentioned earlier, it comes in the T904 Box. The ports available with the docking station are:

  • Power Button
  • Kensington Lock support
  • 4 x USB 3.0
  • LAN Connector RJ45
  • HDMI
  • Digital VGA
  • VGA
  • Kensington Lock support

Fujitsu Lifebook T904 Docking Station and Port ReplicatorHere is a vine showing all the three modes of T904 i.e. normal, docked, and tablet:

Although due to the improved design, Lifebook T904 produces heat less than normal, using a docking station has an additional benefit. When the machine is docked, its position becomes slightly raised from the back which provides room for better ventilation. Please note, if you are doing some very heavy and resource expensive task, for the longer life of device and your own safety, it is recommended to use dedicated cooling stands with the device.

#Fujitsu #Lifebook #T904 docked in port replicator #MasterYourBiz #MYB

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I have two displays at my work. I tried to connect both to the docking station but due to the port difference, it was not possible:

Fujitsu Lifebook T904 Docked 1 LCD WorkingThe digital VGA (DVI) adapters available are of different model than the model of the DVI female in the docking station:

Digital VGA or DVI Connector VariationI will try to lookout in the local market to find the required adapter so that I can utilize the full options of docking station for my Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T904.

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T904 – Advanced Protection with Multilayer Security December 7, 2014

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In the era of digital world, where we are rapidly moving toward Web 3.0, each and every part of our lives is becoming digital. Starting from our personal date, though our financial records to the corporate information, which, sometimes we are even bound by a NDA (Non-Disclosure-Agreement); everything is stored on our personal/official devices. Depending upon the value of the information, we try to protect it accordingly. These days a very common practice for enhanced security is Two Factor Authentication where a code is generated through a device or sent as SMS to be used after the regular password.

Security Features in LIFEBOOK T904

Fujitsu Lifebook T904 provide a variety of software + hardware based solutions for multilayer security:

  • Advanced Theft Protection (Intro, Video)
  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • SmartCard Reader
  • OPAL encrypted drives.

This is to be noted that as early as 2009, Fujitsu has developed hard disk drive security technology based on Opal SSC Standards. If you are interested to read more about this, you can find it here: Opal Storage Specification

Workplace Protect

Fujitsu has developed a dedicated software to handle multiple layers of protection. The good thing is even if you are currently not a Fujitsu customer and you are considering this option, you can try this software on other devices also. Have a look on its simple yet powerful interface:

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T904 Workplace Protect - Enroll Finger

It is an extensive application which offers finger-print verification even at BIOS level (pre-boot authentication). I have recorded a video to explore this software. I have also included the process to enroll a finger for bio-metric verification. Here we go with the video:

As you have seen in the video, it also supports face verification. It has not been included in the video deliberately as it has been left for the viewers to try and explore. To know more and download proceed to this link: Workplace Protect & Workplace Manager- Secure Authentication Solutions

Unlock Windows Using Bio-Metric Verification

To demonstrate how simple and easy it is to use the bio-metric verification to unlock windows using the finger print sensor, here is a vine:

If you are interested to know, how the biometric verification works for Windows sign-in, you can check the video below. This video has already been shared in the previous article: Fujitsu Lifebook T904 (2 in 1) – Boot Up, Specifications & Review.

Unboxing Fujitsu Lifebook T904 December 4, 2014

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Hello All!

Finally we are here with the first and the basic task of unboxing the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T904. My device has been delayed due to logistics and when it reached to me it’s only the device box and not the usual fully loaded insider box with other goodies. The device has got a wonderful docking station and it’s my good luck that it is provided as inside-box accessory else I would have badly missed it (along with outside-box accessories).

Anyhow, the unboxing has been done and it’s a charm to have such a distinct device. So here you go with the unboxing video:

This device is so much loaded that it requires a separate video to explore its general features and specifications. This activity is already in progress and will be shared soon.


The new stuff is available here: Fujitsu Lifebook T904 – Specs & Review

Master Your Business With Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T904 November 29, 2014

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It has been quite a long time I made posts on regular basis. Among many other factors, I have started the post graduate studies and now Alhumdulillah [All Praise to God], its the 3rd semester. During this semester I have got 3 modules as compared to the 4 modules of the previous semesters. I expect to devote some of this time on regular basis for writing the posts.

Another good news is that I have again got the opportunity to participate as a Fujitsu Insider. It is a campaign in which 24 international bloggers are selected to {acid} test the new products. Previously, the theme of the campaign was Ultra Test Flight. My articles for that can campaign are available here [ Ultra Test Flight by Fujitsu ]. This year the title of the campaign is [ Master Your Business ]. The test devices this year are:

The main topics are the slim, durable design, the flexibility and convertibility of 2-in-1 devices and the vision of a Human Centric Intelligent Society.

In the coming days, I will be exploring Fujitsu Lifebook T904. Lifebook is the brand name for Fujitsu Ultrabooks. They are aimed for slim design, extra battery timing and less weight without compromising for the performance. Here is the official image of the device:


My profile for the project is available here [ Bilal Haider – Fujitsu Insider From Jeddah Saudi Arabia ]. The project has been active since 6th of November. Unfortunately, my device has been delayed due to custom but anyhow it has arrived. I have done the unboxing video and right now, the upload is in progress. For the teaser, here is the picture of the package that I received:

Fujitsu Lifebook T904 - DHL PackageStay tuned for some fun and excitement.

Fujitsu Lifebook UH572 – First Boot Up December 13, 2012

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In this post we are going to discuss about the very first boot-up of the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK UH572 right after unboxing. Although it has been a while since I have been enjoying with my LIFEBOOK, this stuff has been delayed for other high priority tasks. A lot of stuff has been shared about the LIFEBOOKs during this campaign but I haven’t found any post regarding the very first system start-up and I believe it is still worth sharing.


In the first boot up, system installs drivers and devices, does some housekeeping and get it ready for the first use by applying the OEM additions along with the system components.


Applying OEM settings, is mainly related to drivers/configuration for additional hardware devices and features available in the system. Different elegant pictures appeared in this duration with message Please Wait … in different languages.


And we are ready to explore



The first thing to do with a new machine is to check its performance that how well it performs in different aspects. Windows Experience Index (WEI) is a good place to start:

Dissection of Fujitsu Lifebook UH572 December 13, 2012

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Dont get scary, in this post we are not going to physically dissect a Lifebook rather we will be technically discussing SOME of the features of the Lifebook.

On a business trip from Riyadh back to Jeddah, I found myself sitting beside an arrogant  Dell Inspiron 15 fan boy. I do not mean to say that all Dell Users are arrogant but this dude really happen to be an old days DELL fan boy.

When the flight was up on the air, both of us opened our machines and we had a talk:

Fan Boy: Is this is real laptop or just a China made laptop type gaming console

Me: This is not a laptop at all.

FB: Then what it is ?

Me: it is an Ultrabook

FB: Ultrabok??? What exactly it is?

Me: Ultrabook is an innovative technology by Intel that comes between laptop and desktop computers

FB: Nice, what this special this tiny and shiny toy has got in it that my all-time love, rock solid Dell does not have?

Me: Well, to be  something, does not necessarily means it should be bulky and dull looking. Gone are the days when big size was a symbol for being well equipped. This slim and elegant Lifebook has got a 3rd generation i5 processor, 13.3’’ Anti-glare display and a lot of other promising features.

FB: That’s just okay nothing extra ordinary as compared to my Dell

Me: Well, for your information, it has got a SSD hard disk for a quick boot-up. It has a 4-in-1 card reader. It has USB 3.0 and its Bluetooth is 4.0.

FB: It sounds good but still not fabulous.

Me: My shiny Lifebook has got some other features to amuse you. It has a built-in HDMI port as well as buit-in 3G module. Just insert the data enabled SIM and you are connected, no need to look around for hotspots.

FB: that is something, but does your Ultrabook or Lifebook as you are calling it, has some kind of security?

ME: Lifebook is the brand name of Ultrabooks by Fujitsu. It is a blend of German and Japanese expertise gained over a period of 30+ years. You are asking for the security, Lifebook has got state of the art security features like Advanced Theft Protection (ATP) which allows you to remotely lock/erase your data in case of theft.

FB: WoW, that’s really impressive.

ME: You can check the full specifications of these Lifebook HERE.

FB: That’s good, but I have a concern.

ME: Sure, go ahead…

FB: Such a powerful and elegant machine would be very much expensive.

ME: Ohh, it’s not like it sounds to be. It is very much economical as compared to its features. You can check it here: www.shopfujitsu.com

FB: Its really nice to know and thanks for sharing such valuable information

ME: It’s my pleasure…

Then he asked me if he could test my Lifebook. Then we had a good time exploring and discussing about it.


It feels really good to share some good information with others.

Boundless Mobility with Lifebook UH572 December 13, 2012

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Having split office timings, I do not have much privilege to hang out. From 2 Pm to 5 PM is the break time. This time can be utilized for some outdoor activities, depending on the weather. A change of environment and surrounding keep you fresh and you get better productivity.

Lifebook equipped with built-in 3G module has cleared the boundaries and limitation to get connected at any time at any place. Let us have a look for the out of the office work places:

Jeddah is a coastal city and my office is closer to cornice than my house. If weather conditions are not sever, a visit to the sea side is a nice option.

On Google Maps:

Link for the place: http://j.mp/RCc89g

Note, the links are from Google Earth and if your connection is low, it could take some time to load FULLY (in 3D).


AlBaik is one of the best fast food chain in the region (not in the whole country, it is mostly in the western region of the country with 25+ branches in Jeddah city only). Its main specialty is its fried chicken served with a garlic sauce. It is a nice place to dine in and have some chit chat with fellows.

On Google Maps:

Link: http://j.mp/Uf9Kjf


When feeling tired or bored, a visit to the garden is a nice productivity boasting option. Mother nature has its pleasant effect.

On Google Maps:

Link: http://j.mp/VwQAfF


If you are looking for a fine dine-in place I would recommend Chinese restaurant. You can have a quiet and clam environment with no distraction where you can pay full attention to your Lifebook and have a good time.

On Google Maps:

(The monument is a big big bicycle and new-comers/visitors are jokingly told that it belongs to Prophet ADAM. The grave of His wife EVE is in this city. Jeddah, an Arabic word, means Grand Mother i.e. EVE grandmother of all of us)

Link: http://j.mp/Uf9UqX


In the last, if you are still not feeling hungry, this is for you as an apparizer:

A typical over HOT AlBaik fired chicked with fires, bread, fresh coleslaw, ketchup and the unique garlic sause. If you are still not sure about the taste of it, ask these people:

Fujitsu LifeBook UH572 is As thin AS … December 13, 2012

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The very first thing that anyone observe about the Fujitsu Lifebook UH572 is its slim body. Its slim like a tablet (almost) and powerful like a regular laptop. Its innovative style and the finish make it very elegant.

Let’s compare the UltraBook with some common day to day used items:

One of my favorite chocolates is Snickers. I love its blend of chocolate with a different variety of ingredients specially high blend of peanuts. At work, in the mid of the day, before the lunch break, if I feel short of calories (due to extra light breakfast) or at any time if I want some boast, it is one of my top choices.

UltraBook vs Snickers

UltraBook vs Snickers

Although evolution of technology is at a big rise, old toys/tools still help in some particular conditions. If you are into some lengthy and complex calculations, a solar powered table calculator by Casio is a useful companion.

Ultrabook VS Casio

Ultrabook VS Casio or New VS Old

Office Paper stand is a nice equipment to place and classify the frequently used document.

UltraBook in a A4 size Paper Stand

UltraBook in a A4 size Paper Stand

Yes, my UltraBook is one of my projects and I need to access it frequently.

In the last there is a special gift for the Lifebook fans. Try finding the UltraBook:

Find Ultrabook